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We are a family run business and have been making bespoke (custom made) picture frames for a number of years catering for clients that require quality, attention to detail and to be adaptive to produce picture frames that have the wow factor( out of the ordinary ).
We have a wide selection of mouldings and mount board to choose.You can select a picture moulding of your choice then add a single, double and triple mount with one opening to many openings.
If someone comes to us looking for something and we don't have it we will do our up most to get it.

All our frames are made in house at our work shop


Winsor & Newton Art Supplies
We stock Windsor & Newton Artist Quality Oil's and Water color Paints and a large selection of Windsor & Newton acrylics, oils and watercolors we also have artist brusher for the beginner to the advanced artists.You can also pick up your supply of watercolor paper pastel paper and a wide selection of canvas boards and blocks and don't forget those important supplies varnish, liquin, linseed oil and much more.

Mounting Art Work
Mounting consists of mounting a photograph or art work to a mount board into which an opening the size of the photograph or
art work has been cut.The photograph or art work is attached to the back of the mount with framing tape.Mounting a photograph or art work provides several main benefits First, it insures that the photograph or art work will not touch the glass once it is framed - the mount board acts as a spacer between he photograph or
art work and the glass.Second, once the photograph or art work is framed and displayed mounting helps separate the photograph or art work from its surroundings. It gives it its own unique space and presence.

We use a Trucut Excel Computerized Mount Cutter for all our mount cutting so you can be assured that the quality of the mounts you receive are of top quality and precision. Our standard mount board we use is Daler Rowney mount board whitecore.We manufacture mounts of all different designs from simple openings to double mounts with many openings. We can cut small openings in mounts to accommodate a name or a date and if you word it for us we will be happy to print and place it for you.

A V-groove can be a very nice feature in a mount to make it stand out and double or triple mounts when combined together can give your art work or photographs that special touch and using multiple openings in a mount we can design a collage for your photographs which is very effective There is a growing demand for that unusual gift like children's names cut into mount board with photographs of the children placed behind then

If you require a custom size opening or specific outer dimension to your mount- we can help. Mount info

Dry Mounting
Dry mounting, also called heat mounting, is a very popular method. Dry mounting is fast and clean, and items when properly mounted, will remain wrinkle and bubble free. It is typically used for items such as posters and low cost replaceable prints.

The process requires either a mechanical press
or a vacuum heat press. Vacuum Press A vacuum press uses heat and suction to create the bond between print and mounting board and removes moisture, which causes bubbles. Mounting in a vacuum press is limited to the size of the press. Mechanical Press A mechanical press is not limited in size. It does however require more labor. The print and board must be dried in the press before mounting.

When is mounting recommended ?
Mounting is recommended for posters and low cost replaceable prints. Artwork on fabric can also be mounted. Mounting is usually permanent. Even if the adhesive is labeled "removable" use caution. Such adhesives often require chemical solvents to reverse the process. These solvents can leave stains and permanently damage an item.When is mounting not recommended? Mounting is not recommended for limited editions, signed and numbered prints,or original artwork. Even removable adhesive can leave residue on a print, and will drastically alter the value of the piece.

We use 2 mm picture frame glass (float glass) this can be clear glass or defused (non reflective) glassWhen framing an oil painting grass or a mountis not necessary Unlike pastel, watercolors or photographs and other media of thatNature glass is required and in most cases a mount also.

Gift Vouchers
Have you ever been invited to a wedding or function where a gift is required? What could be better that giving a Gift Voucher.When all those photographs are developed the will be delighter to have a Gift Voucher to frame those precious memories.

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